Life from “across the pond”

About Kathryn AKA Dr. Gom!

Short story — I am a smiley British scientist-turned-writer/editor living on Vancouver Island, Canada, and I’m particularly fond of science, nature, food, dogs and travel! The blog name “Dreaminspice” emerged out of my love for delicious, spicy curries that I was rather partial to while growing up on the south coast of England.

Long story — As a science writer and editor, I have a passion for all-things-nerdy, dogs, food, the outdoors, and island life. My homeland is the naval town of Portsmouth on the south coast of England, although I’ve also lived and worked in Cardiff and London. Officially, I left the UK in 2008 to pursue a PhD in Biology and Biochemistry (yes, I am that foolish!!). However, my real reason for leaving was to take up the fantastic opportunity of moving to a new country to enjoy the vast mountainous landscape, clean air, and peaceful life on the island… Don’t tell anyone!

In 2013 I finished my PhD and am now known as “Doctor Gom”! I liked living on Vancouver Island so much that I ended up staying, continuing to pursue my interests in science and writing. While finishing my PhD, knowing that I was not destined for the world of lab work and research, I started copy editing for science publications, and took a 2-year certification in editing at a university in Vancouver. Now I work as a science writer and editor full-time; I don’t regret leaving the lab and I haven’t looked back!

I am very much enjoying having lots of outdoor adventures here with my husband and dogs, kayaking on the many lakes and rivers, camping with the bears, and enjoying the local food and wine scene on the b(w)est coast of Canada.

The loves of my life — who are included in many of my blog posts — are my wonderful husband, Barrie, and our “kids” (our rescued mutts, Rex and Tilly). I cover many topics in my blog posts, from science and travel to musings and photography; However, it seems that I mostly write about dogs and food.

But who doesn’t like dogs and food?

Scafe Hill

Me and the kids


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  1. MaldivesDreamer says:

    Thank you for checking out my blog 🙂 You have a really interesting blog too!


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